Lefort-Besnard Jeremy



Brain mapping, psychiatry, statistical learning, programming

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After studying psychology at the university of Tours (France) and Bucknell (USA), I pursued a PhD in computational neuroscience supervised by Danilo Bzdok (McGill, Canada) and Danielle Basset (UPENN, USA) and supported by a PhD scholarship of the International Research Training Group (DFG-IRTG 2150). I received intensive training in machine learning and brain imaging working in collaboration with Gaël Varoquaux (INRIA, Paris, France) and Simon Eickhoff (Düsseldorf, Germany). Being supervised by academics from very different fields (medicine, computer science, and physics) really made clear that I have a deep interest for combination of rigorous methodology and innovating approach to investigate psychopathology. Currently working as a postdoc in Chi-Chun Lee's BIIC lab in Hsinchu (Taiwan), we are working on learning predictive models based on behaviors, brain-region and brain-network priors using machine-learning tools such as semi-supervision and structured sparsity penalties.


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